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In the fast-paced sectors of health, technology, and education, compelling copywriting and content are key to capturing attention and driving engagement. Enter Denise, a content developer and copywriter who brings a unique edge to your marketing efforts. Her dual qualification in counselling and copywriting isn’t just a title; it’s a testament to her in-depth understanding of psychology and what motivates people. This insight allows her to craft narratives that resonate on a deeper level, making complex, technical topics not only accessible but also engaging and persuasive.

Why Denise is the Perfect Content Partner

Compelling content that sells

Denise excels in transforming complex, potentially tedious topics into engaging, sales-driven content. Her expertise ensures your marketing material is not just read but also acted upon.

Content tailored to your unique needs

Unlike generic AI-generated content, Denise’s work is bespoke, crafted specifically for your product or service, ensuring originality and copyright clarity.

More than a subject matter expert

While SMEs are knowledgeable, they often lack the writing prowess to create compelling marketing materials. Denise bridges this gap, delivering high-quality content without burdening your experts.

Free up your team

Denise’s skill in extracting and converting expert knowledge into marketable content means your team can focus on what they do best, leaving the content creation to a professional.

Man reading mental health news on phone screen.

SEO-Optimised Content

Denise isn’t just a copywriter; she’s a content developer storyteller who brings empathy and understanding to every piece she crafts. Her specialisation in mental health and wellness allows her to create content that deeply connects with your audience, turning your platform into a trusted resource in the wellness community.

From articles to soulful storytelling, Denise’s writing bridges the gap between your expertise and your audience’s needs.

Why Choose Denise?

Opting for Denise as your writer means choosing someone with a rare blend of emotional intelligence, SEO expertise, and a profound understanding of audience motivation. Her work goes beyond enhancing your content’s visibility; it plays a pivotal role in building trust in your brand. By creating content that resonates on a personal level, Denise not only enriches lives but also establishes a foundation of reliability and confidence in your brand’s message.

Dual experience

With a diverse writing and professional background in business, technology, health and counselling, Denise adds depth and insight to her writing, making her content informative and genuinely supportive.

Authenticity & Trust

In fields where authenticity is key, Denise’s sincere approach builds trust with your audience.

Engagement & Connection

Her content goes beyond words, emotionally connecting with readers, crucial in mental health and wellness fields.


Tailored Content Strategy

Denise crafts her content to align with your specific business goals, ensuring optimal impact.

Audience Retention

Denise helps build a loyal audience, encouraging repeat visits and community building around your brand.

On-Page SEO Optimisation

Combining psychological insight with SEO expertise, she ensures content that resonates with readers and performs well in search rankings.

Happy Clients

Denise’s unique approach to content development has consistently delivered satisfaction and results. Her originality, coupled with profound insight into adaptive AI technology ensures that every piece is engaging and inspiring.

“Denise was able ‘get into my head’ just through casual conversation. She easily picked up on the words I used and the message I wanted to get across. The results that I got were fantastic. Denise is a whizz at content writing. Nothing was too much trouble. She is not afraid to investigate the latest trends, words and themes in your business world and is able to easily write content appropriately. I would recommend Denise to anyone that wanted to advertise themselves or their business.”
Lorraine Aldridge - Turning Point Psychology

Psychologist, Turning Point Psychology

“Denise is a skilful writer, always extremely surprising, amazing and impressive. She has never failed to astonish me and always delivers her amazing work on time and with such professionalism. More importantly, she understands how to create long term relationships, and I am so grateful to have found her. My sincere thanks for all the amazing blogs and articles you have written for us to date.”
Janean Hicks

Director, Savvy Wealth

“Denise Gibb is a consummate professional: an astute writer, reader and editor with meticulous standards and an admirable work ethic. She has a knack of understanding what an author is trying to say — and at the same time knowing what a reader wants to read. From new age to business, YA to fiction, her breadth of experience means she can turn her hand to any genre. She’s also kind, caring and scrupulously ethical. It has been a pleasure working with her over the past few years on various publishing projects, and I have no hesitation in commending her.”
Rob Morrison

Former Director, Brio Books

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