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Professional writer, content writer — that’s me. I create the best words and concepts to hit your products, services and brand out of the ballpark. But along with all-important creative impact comes the smarts of digital marketing strategy, SEO, and appeasing the Google Gods. But I won’t bore you with the details here. So, let’s say I write super engaging digital content people love, and search engines crawl back for. All at a price you can afford.



Super engaging content people love & search engines crawl back for

Denise Gibb Content Writer

Meme Queen Writer

Talk to me about writing unique attention-grabbing quotes, funny memes and retail memes. Single frame or animated, my memes will give your brand personality customers like and trust. See more.

Book Writer

I can make your book writing dream a reality as I did with The Sympathy Gift Series. These books gently empower the bereaved with strength, courage, and hope so they can find new happiness.

Freelance Blog Writing

Do you want to tell customers about your products and services but don’t know how to do it? I can write the perfect blog for your site’s needs or help you maintain your blog site. Make your brand stand out from the crowd with fresh, original blog writing. See examples.

Meme Queen Blog

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