Finding the SEO balance between human and machine is a modern copywriting dilemma. Many give in to the pressure of packing text full of keywords, but take a moment to remember, not all synonyms are automatically interchangeable. Little words mean a lot.

Take the difference between the words ‘immediately’, ‘at once’, and ‘right now’. In retail, ‘immediately’ is valuable when you don’t want the audience to think you’re assuming they will take the next step. ‘At once’ carries an imperious tone. ‘Right now’ is a hard call to action. So, no matter how tempted you are by content spinners, chose your words wisely. Not all keywords are interchangeable.

Yes, gracious word kissing of the Google God’s SEO toes is essential, but at the end of the digital sales funnel, sits a human. People don’t buy unless the product or service meets their immediate needs and they know, like and trust the brand.

Writing persuasive digital advertising and copy is about choosing little words wisely. After all, words can intensify or diminish: a thundering yes; a definite yes; a thoughtful yes; a quiet yes or a flat out no.