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The best part about saying I’m an author is that it explains my curious quirks.

That’s why no one in my family bats an eyelid when I take a deep dive chasing new information or innovative ideas.

And when I’m not in pursuit of inspiration, I’m helping others achieve their professional writing goals. For me, my clients’ writing projects are just as exciting as my own.           

Fiction, non-fiction, drama, eLearning content or self-help guides – I love writing them all. 


“Denise Gibb is a consummate professional: an astute writer, reader and editor with meticulous standards and an admirable work ethic. She has a knack of understanding what an author is trying to say — and at the same time knowing what a reader wants to read. From new age to business, YA to fiction, her breadth of experience means she can turn her hand to any genre. She’s also kind, caring and scrupulously ethical. It has been a pleasure working with her over the past few years on various publishing projects, and I have no hesitation in commending her.”

Rod Morrison

Director & Editor, Brio Books

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The Sympathy Gift Series

Bringing you happy while you heal sad

The Sympathy Gift Series.

As an author, one of my passions is writing books that help others grow, learn, laugh and enjoy life. So, writing a series dealing with death and grief might seem counter-intuitive.

Yet, after journeying through grief more than once, I came to realise the endpoint of grief is finding new happiness.

That’s why the Sympathy Gift Series focuses on helping all ages grieving the death of a loved one (or pet) make a healthy grief recovery.

By harnessing all the love and positive memories departed ones (and pets) leave behind anyone can find the courage to process grief.

With the help of heartfelt photographs and uplifting affirmations, my books give those grieving permission to find new happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What inspired you to write the Sympathy Gift Series?

The series began as a project to help me navigate my way back to happiness after a significant loss.

Is there a right way to deal with loss?

Reinventing yourself after a significant loss and finding your way back to new happiness is challenging.

There is no right way to recover; nor is there a time frame. For me, restoring some semblance of recovery took three years, a team of health professionals and loads of mindfulness on my part.

Can you share your grief recovery tips?

Ultimately, the courage and strength to arrive at new happiness after dealing with grief and loss come from within.

For example, if you’ve lost a loved one, tapping into the happy memories they’ve left in your heart will release healing energy. The same applies to pet loss.

Successful processing of grief rests with making time to protect your happy. In my case, no matter how dark loss made my days, I would set aside 1 hour to focus on happy. For example, reading uplifting, inspiring articles, flicking through Gary Larsen’s The Far Side cartoons, watching comedy, listening to entertaining podcasts, and talking with upbeat friends.

My only rule was that grief could not enter my one-hour happy space. During this time, the sole aim was to recharge my happiness batteries—no matter how sad, anxious, drained, or in pain, I felt.

Where did the Sympathy Gift Series tag line ‘Bringing you happy while you heal sad’ originate?

As I mentioned, I set aside one hour every day to focus on happy.

I did that because I knew later in the day, I’d be drawing down on that happy energy to help me cope with waves of pain, regret, grief, sadness, and anxiety.

So, when I started writing the Sympathy Gift Series, I was aiming to show others how important protecting happy is when healing sadness and grief. So out of that came the tag line, ‘Bringing you happy while you heal sad’.

Has COVID-19 impacted on the Sympathy Gift Series?

The inspiration, writing and publishing of the Sympathy Gift Series was complete eighteen months before the coronavirus pandemic.

Yet, worldwide, COVID-19 represents a loss for everyone, whether it be because of death, loss of a job, freedom or lifestyle. 

Knowing my books are helping those in need is a great honour. But I believe that the right book finds you when you most need it.

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