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WordPress blogs or Wix blogs— if you don’t have time to write high-quality blog content, let me help.

 Perhaps you have the time, but find putting fingers to the keyboard isn’t your thing. Or maybe you talk the talk brilliantly, but can’t write the copy?

That’s where I come in.

I write original, high-quality blog content for busy professionals.

What’s more, I tailor the tone and style to reflect your business or brand. There is no one size fits all blogging on my keyboard.

Content marketing = blogs

Without regular blogging, it’s hard – if not impossible – to succeed at content marketing.

ROI = blogs

According to HubSpot, businesses who are consistent with blogging are 13 times more likely to get an ROI.

Customer retention = blogs

Writing compelling blog content that drives web traffic and creates leads takes professional know-how. 

“Denise is a skilful writer, always extremely surprising, amazing and impressive. She has never failed to astonish me and always delivers her amazing work on time and with such professionalism. More importantly, she understands how to create long term relationships, and I am so grateful to have found her. My sincere thanks for all the amazing blogs and articles you have written for us to date.”

Janean Hicks

Director, Carbon Wealth

Blogs at prices you can afford

Ignite curiosity, intrigue and interest with fresh, original blog content. 

Not sure what to blog and when?

Imagine posting high-quality blog content that reflects your tone and style, but you don’t have to lift a finger to type it.

Or perhaps you need a ghost-blogger to capture your speaking style and boost your professional brand.

Call or email.

7 + 9 =

Blogging is content marketing

Without regular blogging, it’s hard — if not impossible — to succeed at content marketing.

According to HubSpot, businesses who are consistent with blogging are 13 times more likely to get an ROI.

However, thrashing out 300 – 500 words won’t impact any search query need or grow your business.

That’s because writing compelling blog content that drives traffic and sales leads takes professional know-how.

Freelance blogger

Glue buyers to your brand with engaging blog content  

Two things underpin successful blogging. First, there must be a commitment to giving content value to potential customers. Second, search engine ranking is impossible without regular posting.

Identifying content ‘value’ in context to your business, product, or services takes marketing know-how. And delivering consistent, in-depth, high-quality blog copy that grows traffic relies on having a strategic blogging plan.

For these reasons alone, it makes sense to hire a professional copywriter.

The secret to getting a return on your blog investment is combining engaging content with regular posting.

Types of blogs

Post blogs that build your brand’s credibility. 

Well-researched long-form blogs

Long-form content works because it adds tremendous value to your audience.

However, the aim should always be to build your business’s credibility. 

Data-driven blogs

Integrating numbers and data is a great way to rationally back statements about your business, product or services. After all, data inspires trust and builds authority.

Hero success stories blogs

What if what you’re saying has all been said before? Find the hero story that makes your brand, product, or services leap above the crowd. 

Infographic blogs

Visual storytelling is huge. So add infographics and video content to your blog. After all, 50% of all internet users re-post a photo they’ve found online. 

Pitch professional opinion against popular misconceptions

Let audiences read your unique opinions. Spruik professional wisdom all can understand. Coin catchy phrases. But do it all in context to your business, products or services. Regular posting will help you see a return on your blog investment.

Every blog needs a superhero

Look for problems your brand solves and write about it.

Hero | Emotional pull

Hero | Must-have influencer

Hero | Solving a problem

Hero | Entertaining brand awareness

Got any questions?

I help businesses, publishers, and professionals produce clever content that engages audiences and boosts sales.

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