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Any book writer, acclaimed author, academic or professional will tell you completing a fiction or non-fiction book takes time and skill. Yet, experiencing challenges does not signal a lack of talent. Sometimes, it’s simply a lack of time.

If time is preventing you from writing your book talk to me. Publishers and professionals trust me to turn their book ideas into a commercial reality. I can do the same for you too.

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Signs From Spirit

by Mitchell Coombes

Celebrities and professionals, achieve your writing dreams with me as your book writer.

Sensing Spirit

by Mitchell Coombes

When I’m your ghostwriter, words come to life in your voice.

Sensing Psychic

by Mitchell Coombes

With me as your book writer, you can give life to any subject and enlighten readers.

Psychic Soul Oracle Cards

by Mitchell Coombes

Engage, entertain and transcend readers with well-written instruction books.

Social Development Strategies

By Denise Gibb

Talk to me about turning dry research into fabulous content accessible to all.

BookZone 1 & 2

Offering maximum fun while meeting learning outcomes starts with good content architecture. Talk to me about scriptwriting to make elearning resources irresistible.

What is Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is when one person writes on behalf of another.
Publishers and professionals people hire a book writer as a ghostwriter for a variety of reasons. Either the celebrity or professional doesn’t have the level of writing skill needed to bring their story to life, or they don’t have time. So, for the sake of time management or giving their book the best chance at commercial success, they hire a ghostwriter.

Who owns the Copyright?

Hiring a book writer always raises one question—who owns the copyright of completed works?

Ghostwriting and Copyright in Australia

In most cases, the copyright for a ghostwritten work goes to the client (the person contracting the book writer). The writer does not retain any claim on the work. However, this may not always be the case. Copyright ownership should always be stated in the ghostwriting agreement.

What happens if you don’t have a ghostwriting contract?

If you don’t have a ghostwriting contract, the law states that the author (the ghostwriter) will retain the copyright. That’s why a legal agreement needs to be in place before any book writing project commences.

Ghostwriting contract

I offer all my clients a proforma ghostwriting contract detailing copyright ownership, among other essential details. Plus, I recommend that my clients seek legal approval from a lawyer specialising in copyright law before signing. That way, everyone has peace of mind and understands the scope of works, their legal obligations, their role, and the targeted outcome.

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