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Engaging my professional copywriting services means you get fresh concepts that make your products and services bubble with SEO sales excitement.  

“But I can write my own words,” I hear you say. Sorry, I’m about to rain on your writing parade.  Description alone does not sell products or services, no matter how well the sentences are written. Copywriters do more than write about what is for sale.  Advertising copwriters shape words to create irresistible bubbles of must-have reactions inside the customer’s mind. This takes training and skill.

To maximise the excitement around your brand, products and services talk to me. I write • website content • product descriptions • email content • blog content • storytelling scripts, and • advertising copy (press, digital, web).

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Website Content Writing

Outrank your competition. Put your products, brand and services ahead of the pack with persuasive web content people and search engines love. Copywriting -tourism example 1. 

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Catalogue Copywriting

Are you selling products on your website? Does your catalogue copy pop with excitement? Are your product descriptions super sticky and irresistible to read? If not,  I can help you craft unique SEO optimised product descriptions to attract customers, explain the features and benefits and turn visitors into buyers.

Resist the temptation to copy and paste the manufacturer’s cataolgue descriptions. Google penalises duplicated content.

Call me for unique, super sticky, irresistible catalogue copywriting that sells.

Email Content

Everyone is clamouring for Chatbots and influencers, right? But don’t forget the power of email. 99% of customers check their inbox every day.

Improve your sign-ups, click-throughs, and sales with persuasive long-form email content written by a professional writer. 

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Blog Writing

Search anything on Google, and you’ll find 90% of the time the first organic result is a blog or long-form post.

Popular blogs keep customers coming back because they provide information and entertainment. High ranking blogs keep search engines crawling back because the blog writer includes loads of SEO word candy.

 Achieve higher organic ranking with your content marketing. Ask me about writing your blog. The time you save is money in your pocket.

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Advertising Copy

Need clever advertising to knock your competition’s socks off? 

Smart, sock-blasting advertising copy gets the point across in seconds. But it takes a skilled copywriter to tailor smart, fresh concepts that also sell the product, not just entertain. 

I can maximise the demand for your products and services using persuasive advertising copy for: 

  • website, print and radio advertising
  • animated gif advertising
  • meme advertising
  • podcast advertising

No cookie-cutter concepts here. Contact me for sock-blasting advertising copywriting.   

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