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Are you tired of the monotony of traditional marketing videos?

Creating captivating video content doesn’t have to be a mundane task. Enter Denise Gibb. As a seasoned scriptwriter, Denise breathes life into your videos, making them informative, engaging, and entertaining while also yielding results.

AI Savvy

In an era where AI is generating content with astonishing speed, the distinction lies in the art of human storytelling.

Denise specialises in crafting scripts that connect with your audience and resonate on an emotional level.

Whether it’s an audio drama, an animated explainer or an eLearning resource, Denise has the creative prowess to bring your vision to life.

Don’t settle for content written by a robot. Elevate your digital content to new heights with professional scriptwriting.

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Radio Drama | Burn Busters

Add excitement to learning

Talking In The Streets: Ep 3: Burn Busters. Ages 10 – 15 (Excerpt runs 2:48 mins.)

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Radio Drama | Pick a Card

Create drama

Talking In The Streets: Ep 1: Pick a Card. Ages 12 – 16 (Excerpt runs 2:48 mins.)

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Gold Medal – Drama - NY

Award-winning storytelling

New York Festivals | Written by Denise Gibb. Produced by ABC Radio, Perth.

How to Boost Your CTRs

What do you get when you add persuasive scriptwriting, compelling vision, and an irresistible call-to-action? Click-through action.

Goodbye Grandma by Denise Gibb

Book Explainers

Connect, engage, and entice readers to buy your book. 

Take readers inside your pages with a tailor-made explainer to promote your author brand and latest book release.

Carbon Medical explainer


Jumpstart sales. Ignite curiosity. Boost audience engagement. Set employees up for success.

Get audiences buying, reading, subscribing or learning with explainers.

Turning Point Psychology - breaking bad habits explainer

Want to be Amazing?

Supercharge your marketing mix with custom-made explainers.  Boost potential customers understanding of your products and services.

Tell Your Story With Clever Scriptwriting

Give your chat-cast, podcast, website or eLearning audience content they love. With my scriptwriting expertise, I can transform your ideas into superstar content.

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Power-up teen ears

Dive into emotional truths. Answer questions few dares ask.

Uncool to Cry – teen educational drama.  Ages 12 – 15  (2 min excerpt)

Bambridge and Stevens characters from radio excerpt

Radio Advertising

Add story to your brand

Make ’em laugh. Get ’em listening. Associate your business, products and services with a standout story to remember.

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Audio Tours

Steer visitors into new worlds

Virtual or real – lure, enchant, bewilder, amaze, astonish and impress audiences with remarkable audio tours.

Articulate 360 eLearning content made by Denise Gibb


eLearning scripts

Learning becomes intrinsic when you set out to entertain, inform, delight, surprise,  enrapture, fascinate, wow, amuse, and reward.

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