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Meet Denise: Your SEO Writer and Freelance Writing Services Provider.

With over 15 years of experience, Denise isn’t just a wordsmith; she’s a content conjurer. She weaves magic with words and wields cutting-edge tools to boost your online presence.

In an age where AI’s shadow looms large over writing services, Denise stands tall by infusing her vast knowledge and innovative flair into every word she crafts. Her writing prowess has earned accolades in diverse sectors.

Whether you’re a business, a dynamic digital marketing agency, a forward-thinking government organisation, an individual with a vision, or a content-hungry marketing team, Denise’s freelance SEO writing delivers results.

Your business deserves more than words; it deserves content that dances with experience, originality and creativity.

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Outrank your competition. Use smart SEO copywriting to put your brand, products, and services above the rest.

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Hook readers with the first line. Make search engines drive traffic to your site with quality SEO content that grows your business.

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Is Your Business Struggling to Make its Mark Online?

Revitalise Your Marketing Strategy With Clever Content.

From global-reaching blog posts to website content that sparks intrigue in your business, Denise’s writing services are your pathway to success. With a proven track record of crafting content to drive traffic and captivate your audience, Denise is the ideal freelancer. Whether it’s keyword research, blog optimisation, or creating original content,  Denise tailors her writing to cater to your unique requirements.

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Writing Services Process

1. Scoping your project

Denise knows that the key to a successful writing project is nailing down all of the details beforehand – just like when you’re building a house and figuring out what materials and design elements are needed. That’s why she sends a comprehensive project brief for every job to ensure each client gets exactly what they want. This thought-provoking questionnaire covers everything from the target audience to the page count and any SEO or information architecture considerations – so Denise can deliver SEO copy tailored precisely for your needs.

2. Proposal and quote for writing

Depending on the wordage and complexity of your project, Denise will send you a quote or proposal outlining the details. Plus, she’ll list the number of reviews and any incidentals.

Terms and Conditions. This document covers your rights as a consumer and Denise’s rights as a service provider and creative. Sounds complicated, but it isn’t. Most clients appreciate knowing where they stand given an unforeseen event—for example, needing to cancel a project, copyright ownership and information privacy.

3. Engagement fee - 50%

Denise requires a 50% up-front engagement fee. This is non-negotiable and non-refundable. However, if the project’s total cost is under $300, Denise requires full payment up-front.

4. Timing

Given Denise’s comfortably busy work calendar, it’s best to schedule your project early.
You can do this by signing off on the proposal and making the first payment.

Denise’s writing turnaround time depends on many factors, including the quality of content you supply, your approval times, and research time. But once Denise gives you a delivery deadline she sticks to it.

5. Briefing

The briefing stage is an excellent time to catch up — either in person or via Zoom. That’s when Denise chats with you about your:

  • target audience — especially their needs, wants and pain points
  • marketing objectives
  • brand personality
  • background material or assets

Plus, Denise double-checks all the admin formalities. But before she begins writing:

  • your signature must be on the proposal, and
  • the 50% engagement deposit payment is received.
6. Nose to the writing grindstone

Here’s where you carry on with business while Denise starts writing your copy, assessing your SEO keywords, and analysing your competition.

When it’s time for your input Denise forwards everything to you in electronic format.

7. Drafts and revisions

Denise creates three versions of your document (the first draft, the second draft, and the final draft). Unreasonable revisions or additions to the original project scope, incur an hourly rate charge. (Taking the time to complete the brief in as much detail as possible often negates the need for heavy editing or drastic changes, thus saving you time and money.)

8. Meetings

Denise assumes that most clients are super busy. For this reason, Denise doesn’t plan in-person revision meetings.  However, if you prefer to go through each editing stage let Denise know at the outset. She’ll factor in the additional meeting time costs, including travel time.

9. Review

At the briefing stage, we’ll agree on how long you need to review and sign off the copywriting Denise supplies. That said, you control the project, so the turnaround timing is in your hands (within reason).  Reviewing copy takes time.

Investing time into each review stage produces the best results.

10. Final payment

When the job is complete, the final payment is due. Denise’s payment terms are seven (7) days.

12. Happy dance - project complete

Investing time into the brief at the beginning of the project equals a happy dance at the end. All that remains is your testimonial. Nothing beats word-of-mouth recommendations from happy clients like you.

“Denise was able ‘get into my head’ just through casual conversation. She easily picked up on the words I used and the message I wanted to get across. The results that I got were fantastic. Denise is a whizz at content writing. Nothing was too much trouble. She is not afraid to investigate the latest trends, words and themes in your business world and is able to easily write content appropriately. I would recommend Denise to anyone that wanted to advertise themselves or their business.”

Lorraine Aldridge

Turning Point Psychology

“Denise pulled a rabbit out the hat when it came to writing and seeing this project The Social Development Strategies Tool Kit through to a completed resource. But Denise absolutely stunned us when she secured $96,000 in Lotterywest Funding to roll the kits out into the community.”

Don Marzano

Psychologist (Former CEO), City of Bunbury

“Denise’s content writing was instrumental in establishing the reputation my magazine enjoys today. As the Editor, I found Denise’s ability to nail any subject, work unsupervised, find fresh angles and engage the reader made her a godsend to work with.”

Chris Cubbage

Australian Security Magazine

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